Sciatica SOS Book

Sciatica SOS Book

Sciatica SOS Book is a program created by Glen Johnson – a former sciatica
sufferer whose pain became so bad he couldn’t even do the grocery
shopping…he had to rely on his wife to do all the work.

What’s Included in Sciatica SOS Book?

The Sciatica SOS PDF Book starts with a useful section explaining the most common causes
of sciatica. It also helps you identify the underlying reason for YOUR pain.
This is essential because there are many potential causes of sciatica, and
they need to be treated differently (this is also a big reason why Googling
generic treatments doesn’t work and will likely make your sciatica worse).
Once you’ve completed this section, the real meat of the program begins.
Glen guides you through the different types of treatment, and tells you exactly
which to use depending on the underlying cause you discovered earlier.


How Does Sciatica SOS Book Work So Well?

Sciatica can make even basic tasks such as sleeping or unloading groceries
painful. It’s also a condition that the medical profession often doesn’t take
seriously – which can be incredibly frustrating for those affected by it.
Glen understands these frustrations, and has designed Sciatica SOS™ to
provide rapid pain relief without dangerous medicine, expensive treatments or
hours of therapy.
The program also doesn’t rely on covering up pain or temporarily reducing it.
Instead, it is designed to eliminate sciatica PERMANENTLY.




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